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We have a fully fitted professional kitchen which is operated by two fully qualified chefs. We provide a well balanced and varied menu made from fresh produce.  All dinners are home made from scratch.


Children are encouraged to experience different foods while in Cairdeas. Any special dietary requirements should be discussed at registration of your child. Mid morning snack, hot dinner and tea are provided daily. No food from home should be brought into the centre in line with our healthy eating policy and to protect children who have allergies.


Cultural eating habits will be respected.  Please discuss any special requirements you may have for your child. Parents must supply all baby specific dietary needs such as formula bottles etc. clearly labelled with your child's name.


We do not provide breakfast as we feel that most children will have had an opportunity to have their breakfast before they come into the centre.  If your child has not eaten before he/she comes into the centre, please let us know.


We always welcome suggestions and recipes from parents for different cultural meals or favourite dishes.

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