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Cairdeas enables me to go to work each day, not worrying at all about my children.  To be able to go to work, knowing that my children are happy, learning, but most of all safe, is all due to the staff at Cairdeas and their excellent committment to all the children.  I would be lost without them.  

Mum of 2, April 2014.


Our three sons love Cairdeas.  It is a home away from home.  We have been so impressed with all the staff from the start.  They are all so professional, kind and caring and give endless encouragement and guidance. 

When we started with Cairdeas our boys aged two and three at the time were very fussy eaters.  This caused us so much stress.  They now eat everything from broccoli to mashed turnip, thanks to the encouragement of the staff and the healthy eating policy in the creche.

Our then three year old had delayed speech.  He is almost six now and never stops talking!  He is currently in the top three in his class for reading and writing and we believe the extra time given to him in Cairdeas by their special needs assistant really paid off.

So thank you Cairdeas for all your hard work, time and endless effort.  Our boys go in smiling and leave exhausted and happy!

Mum of 3. April 2014

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