Elizabeth's room

Elizabeth's room is open from 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


Children move to Elizabeth's room from Dermot's room at approximately 2 years of age. (this is flexible depending on the needs of the child). 

In Elizabeth's room children are provided with lots of opportunities to learn through play. At this stage in their development children are very eager to learn about all aspects of the world around them.


They are also beginning to enjoy working and playing with other children. They are eager to practice self help skills such as dressing themselves, picking up toys, setting the table etc.


The curriculum for all the preschool rooms include:

Science and nature activities

Lots of arts and crafts



Lots of music and movement


We also encourage plenty of outdoor play to promote physical development, to promote adventurous play and keep healthy. We also support children through play in developing skills, knowledge and dispositions which will benefit them on their future learning journey.


 Each child continues to have their own key worker who is responsible for planning the curriculum with each individual child's needs in mind.