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Children spend time playing in the outdoors, relaxing and having fun after a long day in school. We believe children need time to unwind after having to sit for most of the day. We give children the freedom to choose play, games, or to complete some of their homework.

We provide a homecooked dinner and a snack to all our children taking into account our healthy eating policy, cultural requirements and allergies. 

We provide an out of school service during holidays and in service days. During these days we plan activities in collaboration with the children based on their interests.

Some of which could be:

Science and nature activities

Lots of arts and crafts



Music and movement

Sports including football, hockey, basketball. 


We also encourage plenty of outdoor play to promote physical development, to promote adventurous play and keep healthy. We also support children through play in developing skills, knowledge and dispositions which will benefit them on their future learning journey.



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