Our after schools service provides both a drop off to school (to St Etchens NS, Kinnegad) and collection from school in the afternoons. The service operates throughout the school year. We also provide an out of schools service for 'In service' days, mid term breaks and other school holidays.


In our after schools service we hope to provide a home away from home for our school children. We realise that they need time to chill out and relax after a long, more structured day at school.


All children are given a hot dinner when they come in from school and a tea before hometime.


There is a period of time allocated to homework which is supervised by our after schools staff.

During their time in the centre after school children are allowed time to relax and chill out if they wish to do so.


Our afterschools team encourage the children to plan their own curriculum during their time in the centre. This can include baking, arts and crafts, making music, gardening and many more activities.


Each year we bring our afterschoolers on a trip during mid-term or Easter holidays. In April 2010 the children visited Imaginosity Childrens Museum and Airfield Open Farm both in Sandyford, Co Dublin.